Congratulations South Tahoe High Class of 1987

Our 30th year reunion is in the history books and we hope that everyone had a great time. It was great to visit with everyone who attended.

Thanks for all the hard work

A huge THANK YOU to Kelary and Carey for all the hard work organizing our weekend. Your efforts helped make this a successful weekend. Thank you to Scott Ramirez for the high school tour. It was great to visit our old stomping grounds and see all the improvements.

We would like to also thank Kelly Burns and everyone that provided contact information to update our classmate database.

Web site status

As you can see, we have trimmed the site down to a basic structure. The home page and photos page will remain active.

Shutterfly picture site

All the Pictures taken by Brennan Wenck along with all the pictures from the Photo Booth have been added. The Shutterfly picture site will remain active. If you wish to add additional photos, you can still follow the directions on the photos page how to get posting access.

We hope to see everyone at our next reunion!